Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Cable Modem

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new cable modem. I mentioned how the old one, a Linksys BEFCMU10, had been somewhat flakey, needing to be unplugged every once in a while because it would lock up. The other problem it had was that it was only DOCSIS 1.0, which is not supported by my cable company. I had been hitting eBay and CNET to try to figure out what new cable modem to get, but my cable company had a $35 special on new Ambit U10C018.80 (also known as Ubee) DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems, so I just did that. This new modem is 1/3 the size, 1/2 the cost, and 6x faster than my older one. I'm very happy with it. Haven't had one problem since installing it. Right now with our basic internet package, my download speed is 14 Mb/s and upload is 1.0. My numbers used to be 2.2 and 1.0. (Test yours)