Saturday, December 31, 2011


I recently made the switch from .NET Reflector to ILSpy. As of this writing, ILSpy is at v1.0. The biggest drawback to me is the lack of Visual Studio integration and the lack of being able to specify an assembly on the command line. They have good plans for v2.0 so I'm anxious to see that release.

The download for ILSpy 1.0 is just a zip file with the binaries in it. You will have to copy them where you want them to be installed and create your own menu shortcut to it.

To install it as a tool in Visual Studio 2010, select the Tools / External Tools... menu item.

On the External Tools dialog box that opens, press the Add button to create a new tool.

Give it whatever title you want it to have in VS, and tell VS where it is located.
Now ILSpy will be on the Tools menu.

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